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Silver Skates (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Following the digital release by MovieScore Media, KeepMoving Records present a physical release of Guy Farley’s epic, romantic score for the costume romance Silver Skaters.

Directed by Michael Lockshin, Silver Skates is takes place in the magical city of St. Petersburg in 1899 and 1900. As the calendars are about to turn, young aristocrat Alice (Sonia Priss) wants to leave the path that her aristocratic family has chosen for her. On New Year’s Eve, she falls in love with Matvey (Fyodor Fedotov), a delivery boy whose only valuable possession is the titular pair of silver skates. Though they do not belong together according to society, Matvey and Alice are ready to take a leap into the new year together…

“Director Michael Lockshin wanted strong themes, emotion, drama, classic orchestral storytelling as the story is set onset on the frozen canals of St. Petersburg, where the iced-over river Neva is used as the main source of transport, employing skaters as couriers,” explains Guy about his music. The score’s strong thematic material builds upon an epic opening title sequence, grandiose music for the aristocracy, contrasted with an original love theme growing out of Debussy’s Claire de Lune for star-crossed lovers Matvey and Alice. The score uses a host of Russian instruments, balalaikas, domra, gusli, dulcimer, saz, bayan (a Russian accordion) and ethnic percussion – but a few cues also have a quasi-gypsy flavour to represent a gang of thieves.

The physical release of Silver Skates is a special limited double-disc edition, featuring the entire score.

CD 1
1. The Grand Bakery (3:15)
2. Troubles (1:05)
3. The Palace (1:55)
4. Alone (1:12)
5. Alex and the Gang (1:03)
6. Matvey’s Father (1:34)
7. Alice Studies (1:47)
8. Ice Gang (2:22)
9. The Break-In (2:42)
10. Prosha (1:25)
11. Arkady and Ministry (1:35)
12. Ice Hustle (2:42)
13. Blood (1:23)
14. Art of Stealing (2:07)
15. The Ship (1:15)
16. An Invitation / Dressing Up (1:30)
17. Morning Shower (1:11)
18. Failure (0:58)
19. Secret Plans / Earings (2:30)
20. Ice Revellers / Police Training (1:56)
21. The Cage and Balcony (2:16)

CD 2
1. Ice Skating (Claire de Lune) (2:59)
2. Matvey and Alice (1:50)
3. The Sting (2:30)
4. The Chase / Arkady and Matvey Fight (3:40)
5. Spiritual World / Alice’s Books (5:28)
6. Father’s Death (1:48)
7. Miss Jackson (3:03)
8. Alice Escapes (1:59)
9. To the Ship / Love (1:50)
10. Surrounded (2:48)
11. Into Alex (3:01)
12. Jump for Your Life (2:32)
13. Alive (3:38)
14. Wedding Preparation /Into the Palace (3:51)
15. Palace Escape and Pursuit (2:42)
16. Arkady’s Arrival and Fight (1:51)
17. Run for Your Life (1:20)
18. Family (1:41)
19. Epilogue (Matvey and Alice) (2:47)