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MovieScore Media – DOWNLOAD ONLY – (MSM-06012)
TT: 35:31

Original Score Composed Conducted and Produced & arranged by Guy Farley
Original Songs by Doug Edwards
Orchestrated by Andrew Pearce and Guy Farley
Musical Associate Adrian Thomas
Recorded by Ben Georgiades at Abbey Road Studios, London
Mixed by Ben Georgiades at Sphere Studios, London
Assistant Engineers Tom Howgh and Scrap Marshall
Score Mastered by Ben Fenner at Sphere Studios, London
Music Preparation Gary Spolding
ProTools Programming Will Johnstone
Music Performed by The Chamber Orchestra of London
Leader and Solo Violin Janice Graham
Trumpets Mark David and Alistair MacKie
Solo Cello Paul Watkins,   Guitar John Parricelli
Guitar, Dilruba, Biwa, Sitar and Percussion Doug Edwards
Kazoos from R´SVP Katie Evans, Adrian Thomas and Guy Farley
Orchestra Contracted by Cool Music Ltd.

Track listing

1. Long Live Freedom (3:15) *
2. Maximilian II (1:45)
3. The First Lady (2:13)
4. Twang 409 (2:07) *
5. Junior And The Palace (1:44)
6. Wax Museum (2:04) *
7. House Of Bonaventure (2:34)
08. Plot To Kill (2:03)
09. Thorn Revolution (Schubert Eb Trio) (2:13) **
10. Joe And Madelene (2:38)
11. Ave Maria (Schubert) (2:12) ***
12. Dew Point (1:49) *
13. End Credits (Junior’s Theme) (3:58)
14. Plutonium (4:56) *