Director: John Eyres
Original Score Composed and Conducted by Guy Farley
Starring: Anna Friel, Eddie Griffin, Togo Igawa

Jimmy The Jam McDevitt (Griffin) is a Los Angeles conman getting into all sorts of trouble. He is on the run from his ex-fiancé aka Psycho (MoNique) who he stood up at the altar and is dodging his landlord because he can’t pay his rent. Jimmy enters a poetry contest sponsored by a town in Ireland with the hopes of escaping his troubles. The small Irish town is controlled by a greedy mogul and the only thing he does not control is the local pub. The crafty Irish villagers scheme to raise the money to prevent the buy-out. They hold a poetry contest with a tempting grand prize – the deed to their local pub. But what could happen when a duplicitous American rapper emerges as the best poet around?