Guy has composed Legacy¸ a musical tribute to Sir Douglas Bader, the World War Two fighter ace who lost both his legs in a plane crash. In partnership with the renowned disabled charity, the Douglas Bader Foundation, Legacy will pay tribute to Douglas Bader, and all those who have overcome disabilities in their lives.

Legacy will accompany a touring air-show put on by the Douglas Bader Foundation, in which the world’s first team of disabled pilots fly in formation, conquering their own disabilities, and pay tribute to the late Sir Douglas.

In writing Legacy, Guy is composing a piece of music not simply about Douglas Bader and his journey, but about a person’s journey with disability, and that universal human struggle against adversity. It is inspired by the heritage and sounds of the Second World War, and captures the essence of Bader’s life with disability.

By bringing in the sounds of the Battle of Britain, like the famous air-raid siren and the scramble-bell which sent pilots into action, and alluding to the famous songs of the era like It’s a long way to Tipperary, Guy expects Legacy to immerse the listener in a story, and accentuate its drama.