In 1992 I spent 3 days at Abbey Road with John Barry where he was recording his score for Chaplin with the ECO. It was a life changing experience because I saw in him and in those film sessions everything I wanted in my life. At that time I couldn’t have been further from it.

10 years later, in 2002 I found myself in that same room standing in front of an orchestra I was about to conduct performing a score I had written for the film Madre Teresa. It was an extraordinary moment of reflection and disbelief.

Although I had a valuable classical music education studying piano, organ, choir and later conducting, I had always loved film music and found I had an ability to feel and write dramatic music, melodic, thematic, motivic. Since then I have scored over 40 films, worked on some incredible projects with artists, musicians, music producers, directors in film and TV, where I have had the chance to write, arrange, perform and conduct orchestras in London and Europe doing something that I love.



StoogeMadeleine Farley
That Good NightEric Styles


EndeavourBear Grylls/Abigail Yeates
The Crown (Additional Music)Stephen Daldry
Anthropoid (Additional music)Sean Ellis
After The Blue (Theatre)Charles Savage


A Good American (Documentary)Friedrich Moser
Exodus to ShanghaiAnthony Hickox
Growing Up Wild (TV series)BBC Natural World


Secret SharerPeter Fudakowski
Faberge: A Life of Its Own (Documentary)Patrick Mark
DementamaniaChris Ryan
Nature’s Miracle Orphans (TV series)BBC Natural World


Tula: The RevoltJeroen Leinders
Tales of the Golden AgeTeresa Griffiths
Maria di NazaretGiacomo Campiotti
Miracle Rising, South AfricaBrett Lotriet Best


If I Were YouJoan Carr-Wiggin
The Hot PotatoTim Lewiston


BeastChristopher Granier-Deferre
The Flirting ClubAlex Jovy


Knife EdgeAnthony Hickox
True Justice (TV series, 2 seasons)Nicolas Chartier (prod)


Clive Barker’s Book of BloodJohn Harrison
Roar (Short)Adam Wimpenny
Il Bene e Il Male (TV series)Georgio Serafini


I Know You KnowJustin Kerrigan
The BrokenSean Ellis
The FlockWai-Keung Lau


The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan ToomeyBill Clark
L’Amore e La GuerraGiacomo Campiotti
Dot ComLuis Galvao Teles
Operazione PilotaUmberto Marino


CashbackSean Ellis
Irish JamJohn Eyres
Land of the BlindRobert Edwards
L’uomo che sognava con le AquileVittorio Sindoni


Tsotsi (unused)Gavin Hood
SubmergedAnthony Hickox
Out of SeasonJevon O’Neill


ModiglianiMick Davis
Wake of DeathPhillipe Martinez
Madre TheresaFabrizio Costa


Citizen VerdictPhillipe Martinez
SumuruDarrell Roodt
Last RunAnthony Hickox


True Originals (TV series)Patrick Mark


SortedAlex Jovy
Gypsy Girl (TV series)Marcus D.F. White


Darkness FallsGerry Lively
Silent ScreamsJames D.R. Hickox