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  • “…GUY FARLEY is one of the most promising up and coming composers right now. In my opinion, his melodically sensitive and masterfully orchestrated score for Modigliani was one of the five best film scores all categories last year…

    Scoring an action flick might not be the most hip thing you can do, but some of the music Farley wrote last year ranks among some of the best score written for any film. And although its action score, melody is the main asset – this is actually the case with all of the Guy Farley works I’ve heard. For one piece in particular, Farley treated his terrific main theme in a restrained, elegant and unexpectedly beautiful way with piano, strings and solo female voice.

    Showing a great talent for melody and thematic writing that evokes warm memories of the French master Georges Delerue, Guy Farley will definitely be one of film music stars of tomorrow. He has recently scored the political drama Land of the Blind starring Ralph Fiennes and Donald Sutherland. Stay tuned for more Guy Farley news as we will keep a very attentive eye on this amazing talent!”

    Mikael Carlsson (News Editor & Chief Correspondent) Music from the Movies.